Aside from the above, I want to devote a portion of this page to looking at setting health related goals that can be achieved and maintained. After all, a person's well being is important for their life to be enjoyed to the full.

So let's take a look at exercising and setting those milestones for attaining a good level of fitness and ultimately the healthfulness that underpins a great life.

Set Achievable Fitness Goals

One of the ways in which you can boost your chances of attaining a good level of fitness and ultimately get your weight down to the level you want it to be is to set your goals to be achievable by you. This is a personal situation here and that is why you can't really follow what another person is doing because they may have different levels of achievability that may not suit you.

So in this part of the article I want to take a look at the important business of setting goals that you can reach.

That is the major part of all of this, in a goal that you can reach. Because of you have a goal that you can't reach, then you will forever be trying to attain it but because you keep failing to reach it, you will demotivate yourself and eventually give up trying.

Make it Achievable

However, when you set a goal that you know you can achieve easily, then you will reach it and feel great for doing so. That, in turn, spurs you on to set another, higher goal that is also achievable and when you reach that, you can set the next goal.

As you can see, the best way to do this is to set easy goals, making the next in the series a little harder than the last but always within what you know you can achieve. You will always achieve each goal and in the process, build your self esteem up higher and higher so that you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

It's all a part of a process designed to get you into that positive, motivated place where you will naturally work harder to get what you are after because you know you can get it.

It's quite surprising what we are capable of doing when we really set our minds to doing it. It just shows that we can lose weight successfully when we set realistic health and fitness goals as well as improve our fitness levels and overall general health.

Making Exercise Easy for First Timers

When you haven't done any exercise for a long time and want to get started doing something that is easy and won't cause you any undue stress, then there are several ways in which you can go about it. Many people worry that whatever they try will be hard or will cause them pain, but if things are done in the correct way, exercise can be both enjoyable and safe.

All you need to remember is that as long as you start out doing just a little and then stopping and then doing a little more the next day, you will be able to gradually build up the amount you do until it becomes really worthwhile and fun!

There are several easy exercises to lose weight that most people can make use of. It really is a case of getting up off of the easy chair and getting into some suitable clothes, then getting out of the house and into the fresh air!

Do It Outdoors

While most exercises tend to be done indoors in places like air conditioned gyms, sports centers or pools or even in a nicely cooled home environment, the best exercises you will ever do will be outdoors in the fresh air and natural daylight.

That's because getting some exposure to the sunlight vastly improves mood and boosts your motivation to get active. Once you can get yourself into the mood to move your body, its amazing just how much you can do in the simplest terms, which is really useful especially when you are just starting out to do any form of physical activity after a long period of inactivity.

You can simply go for a long walk making sure you pick up the pace to a brisk walk for better fitness rather than a slow amble and even this will increase the amount of energy your body has to use. If you feel a little more energetic, you could try cycling or even running but do make a point of starting out slowly and gradually build up the distance so you won't risk any injury.

As long as we don't put those goals out of reach, we will get to the ones that are within our reach. And because we can reach them, we feel so great about doing it that we are keyed up and raring to get started on the next one.

This all builds up to a crescendo of attaining a fitter physique along with a better looking body. It's one that maintains the correct body size and stays in great shape as well.

OCTA Goals

Below are the OCTA goals originally published on this page:

  1. Define effective methods for increased consumer involvement in mental health service provision, mental health advisory group activities, and technical assistance functions in community mental health services.
  2. Organize and support local consumer-operated groups and drop-in centers.
  3. Develop effective methods of governance of consumer-controlled and consumer-operated activities, services, and supports.
  4. Establish formal linkages statewide with local mental health service contractors under the Oregon Health Plan, including involvement in Policy and Program Planning, Direct Service Delivery, and Quality Assurance/Continuous Quality Improvement Activities.
  5. Plan and implement an annual statewide consumer conference.
  6. Participate in regional, state, and national consumer-focused self-help initiatives.
  7. Provide technical assistance to Managed Care Organizations toward the inclusion of consumers and other advocates in planning, service delivery, and evaluation of Medicaid mental health services under the Oregon Health Plan.
  8. Assist the Office of Mental Health Services and the Health Plan Unit to improve consumer involvement in state level policy and planning.