Hats for Cancer Patients

Having to undergo treatment as a cancer patient is not a pleasurable experience. The loss of hair is but one side-effect that hats and wigs can cover to help maintain self confidence.

The treatments available today strip the strength from the body and come with many side effects. However, as the treatment fights the cancer in your body it gives you hope of beating the disease and looking forward to getting your life back.

This alone makes going through the mainstream treatment of chemotherapy or radiation therapy bearable at least, although one of the side effects that is highly upsetting, especially for female patients is that of hair loss. While there is not much that can be done about the hair loss as you go through chemotherapy, there are ways of covering it up so that you can still present a brave and determined face to the outside world without feeling embarrassed or degraded.

There are wigs and hairpieces, scarfs and hats available that all work well at disguising the fact of your treatment so no one even need know what you're going through if you don't want them to. This article focuses specifically on the hats for cancer patients and the variety available and how best to make use of them.

Chemo Hats

chemo hatChemo hats, which is another term bandied about for the shortened form of chemotherapy hats, can be made from a variety of materials but the best ones are those that are as comfortable and non-irritating as possible. Another thing is that a bald scalp is less effective of protecting the head from the cold as well as the heat of the sun and possible sunburn.

To this end, wearing a comfortable hat becomes more of a necessity for cancer patients. They not only help them fend off the cold, they also protect the scalp from the harmful effects of the sun as well as airborne dust and dirt.

In general, the kind of hats available in stores or in markets are designed for wearing over a full head of hair. To this end, they can often be scratchy and rough. Regular hats also have the problem that they do not cover the entire back of the wearer's head.

Why Not Wear a Regular Hat?

Another problem with regular hats available in retail stores is they often contain coarse wool in their make up. Now, woolen hats can sometimes cause irritation and harm to highly sensitive scalps of cancer patients.

Because of this, it is usually difficult for cancer patients to buy a hat that is suitable for them. A better option is to go for hats made from cotton as they are softer and more comfortable to wear.

To that end, one very popular type of hats for cancer patients are the knit caps that are often knitted by hand using special soft wools and donated to hospitals and day care centers by generous locals. This type of knit hat can also be purchased from specialist online stores and they are relatively inexpensive.

Other forms of hats for chemo patients come in the form of regular caps that are either ordinary looking baseball style caps or those that have special hairpieces attached so that when the wearer has the cap on it looks like your natural hair is just poking out from under the cap as it would normally.

The Need for Special Hat Types for Cancer Patients

It's a fact that patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and other serious cancer treatments need hats. Often they can obtain them from the hospitals themselves, treatment centers and of course charity stores. Chemo hats can always be gifted to patients by their family and friends. Cancer hats can also be donated to cancer charities and the many other organizations that work for cancer sufferers.

Another great way to bring the much needed hats to the people that need them is to hold fund raiser parties or functions. They can be organized to show concern and provide support for the cancer patients themselves and could be held right there at the hospital, or in a local restaurant, or even a church or hall.

There are also lots of people who show a great deal of concern for cancer patients by knitting, crocheting or stitching soft hats. These hats are often so beautifully made that that they are worn by choice rather than out of necessity.

There are also other folks who just go out and buy hats for cancer patients direct from the companies that manufacture them. These people have the specific desire to assist with cancer research and to give their help to cancer support programs. Find out more here: Cancer Research UK.

Lastly, it has to be said that the courage and determination that cancer patients display is really quite remarkable.

While a mere hat can't bring them much of a change in their circumstances, it can at least bring them some comfort and a little confidence from which to draw their courage and fight. You got to take your hat off to these folks.