Salt Pipe for Asthma Sufferers

Are you looking for a drug-free way to help you breathe easier? A Salitair salt air pipe inhaler is an effective natural asthma remedy that works well at helping to reduce your reliance on a preventative steroid inhaler through daily use.

Perhaps you have already heard about the beneficial effects of dry salt air therapy, but if you haven't or you are not sure how it works, this article will go some way to explaining it all to you. There are also a number of useful salt pipe inhaler reviews that you can read to find out as much or as little as you need to know about them.

What Benefits Come with Salt Pipes?

There are a number of quite marked benefits that you can enjoy by using this kind of inhalation device to naturally treat your breathing problem, whether it is allergy based like hay fever, or a medical condition like asthma, COPD, emphysema or bronchitis, for example.

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When were the Therapeutic Benefits of Salt Air Discovered?

It all started back when the seaside holiday became a reality for working class families who lived in industrial areas. Many adults as well as children were suffering from breathing problems caused by the air pollution that was an unfortunate by-product of the industrial revolution.

The creation of so many jobs in these areas meant that families could now afford to take a vacation, which was practically unheard of before the huge manufacturing plants and their massive engines moved in. Since the seaside was a place that many had never visited in their entire lives, families made a beeline for the nearest seaside towns and villages to enjoy their annual break from work.

It was soon noticed by many that their breathing became better while they were on holiday. Eventually medical experts put two and two together and found that it was due to the continuous inhalation of the naturally salty air.

Today many people still vacation at coastal resorts and enjoy the exhilarating sensation of breathing deeply of the salty sea air.

What is a Salt Pipe Inhaler?

One of the biggest drawbacks of seaside holidays is that you have to go home again sooner of later. That means returning to the polluted air in your town that is most likely a major contributor to your particular respiratory illness.

Since you can't bottle up the salty sea air and take it with you, a salt pipe is the next best thing. It works simply by providing you with a compact, portable device that holds a quantity of salt crystals which you breathe in through a mouthpiece.

This draws salty air into your bronchial passageways which start working straight away to cleanse and clear the debris and mucous that blocks them. It simultaneously calms the irritation that causes the delicate membranes to become inflamed and further closing the airways.

This salty air also helps to kill infectious microbes and bacteria that get into the respiratory system, which are another cause of irritation and inflammation. This form of treatment is more correctly referred to as speleotherapy or halotherapy.

Are there Any Salt Inhaler Side-Effects?

The beauty of using nothing more than common salt to treat asthma as well as many other respiratory conditions is that there are zero side effects and zero chance of it becoming addictive, as is often the case with medications and prescribed drugs. You can use a speleotherapy inhaler every day for around fifteen minutes and this will effectively treat your breathing problem in complete safety.

How Much Do Salt Pipes Cost?

Another quite amazing benefit of salt pipes is the surprisingly low price. The Salitair inhaler model comes in at under twenty pounds when you buy it online direct from the manufacturer's website!

You can also buy refills for that device which last for over six months each for less than seven pounds. When you consider the savings you'll make by being able to significantly reduce the use of preventative corticosteroid inhalers, it's a very good investment indeed.

I Want to Buy the Best Salt Pipe!

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