This page contains the mission statement for OCTA as laid out in the several pages of this website which is available for visitors to read at their leisure:

  1. To increase the participation of mental health consumer/survivors in the mental health system at the decision-making level.
  2. To promote self-help activities and consumer/survivor-run groups.

1. To increase consumer/survivor participation in the mental health system at the decision-making level: Mental health consumer/survivors have valuable insights, experiences, and perspectives regarding mental health services and the delivery of those services. Mental health consumer/survivors are also the people whom mental health systems impact most dramatically and intimately. Therefore, it is imperative that they actively contribute to the decision-making processes that affect the design, implementation, and delivery of mental health services. Inclusion in the decision-making process means consumer/survivors are actively involved in all stages of the decision-making process (from initial brainstorming sessions, through implementation, through ongoing assessment). It also means they are included in discussions that address mental health issues (including discussions about prevention, intervention, treatment, and self-determination). Through state-wide customized trainings, OCTA is committed to ensuring that consumer/survivors have the knowledge, skills, and support they need in order to actively participate in all phases of decision-making processes.

2. To promote self-help activities and consumer/survivor-run groups: Self-help activities are activities that enable consumer/survivors to demonstrate their existing strengths as well as develop new skills and knowledge. Examples of self-help activities include advocacy activities at the personal, local, and state level; contributing to existing consumer-run groups (or championing new peer-empowerment groups); creating consumer-run newsletters; and so forth. OCTA supports these activities through mini-grant funding; customized training programs and workshops; and information and referrals.

Through greater participation in decision-making processes and self-help activities, consumer/survivors learn more about their fundamental rights. This, in turn, leads to greater dignity, choice, and self-determination.

Topics Covered

There are several main topics that are covered in this site that include those related to physical and mental health as well as some peripheral topics that are nonetheless related in that they pertain to the several ways in which a person can enjoy better health and lifestyle. To that end, there has been added some useful information on certain household appliances and useful items that can help to make life easier and more economical in those situations where it needs to be.

Also included are important articles that cover the very real need for maintaining a comfortable climate inside the home. This is where useful and low cost items for keeping cool in the hot summer months such as a vent free and portable air conditioner solution suitable for those suffering from limited mobility or certain physical disabilities come into their own. Similarly, during winter there needs to be an affordable way to stay warm as well as have an emergency ventless propane heater backup solution to hand for those times when the power goes out as in blackouts that appear to be on the increase these days. Both are useful for those needing to feel safe and secure that their heating needs are taken care of in winter while maintaining a cool home on a budget during summer.

Several mobility related articles are included that cover such subjects as wheelchair accessibility as in wheelchair chair lifts and ramps, lightweight wheelchairs, specially customized wheelchair accessible RVs and motorized scooters for people with disabilities who like to be on the move despite their limitations. On the physical health front, there is information and suggested natural treatments for arthritis and salt therapy pipes for asthma sufferers as well as general healthfulness features designed to raise awareness of the options available to people who wish to take them.