Mobility Articles

This section of the website contains mobility articles that focuses on the many issues surrounding the problems that people have with mobility and accessibility, whether it be to certain buildings, transportation or information. The aim is to provide as much relevant information on a wide variety of subjects concerning the problems encountered by people with disabilities and those with limited mobility issues and finding solutions that can be easily or cheaply implemented.

This includes articles on many different aspects of disability living from the aforementioned accessibility issues such as handicap ramps to gain entry to public buildings and transportation. it includes mobility such as handicap vans and other specially adapted vehicles as well as personal transport solutions such as handicap scooters (electric scooters). It looks at habitation issues such as handicapped bathrooms and all the ways in which these facilities can be enhanced or improved to better serve that sector of teh populace they are designed for.

The Human Side of Disabilities

We also go into the human side of this subject and look at ways to make certain situations better such as the problems faced when trying to negotiate inadequate paving ramps on sidewalks, uneven walkway flooring or narrow sidewalks where cars park on them making it impossible to get a wheelchair past.

All these issues and problems are rarely seen as such by the able bodied sector of the community, but are a big deal to those that face them every day. The idea is not so much to name and shame, more to enlighten and suggest alternatives that can be both workable and simple to implement.

Current Mobility Articles in This Section: