Getting Around on a Motorized Scooter

One of the things that makes life a little more interesting is being able to get out of the house and trundle off down the road in the motorized scooter I have parked in the garage. It's a little piece of total freedom that brings with it a taste of fresh air and a different view from the four walls of the interior of whatever room I find myself parked in inside the house for most of the time.

Electric Mobility Scooter

The scooter is about as cool as it can be, with an electric motor that I recharge overnight that has a lot more power in it than most people think. That baby can get up some really decent speed which surprises some people who are not expecting a manic paraplegic to come careening along the sidewalk at considerably more than a mere walking pace!

But that's just part of the fun of owning one of these cool mobility scooters. It allows me to go visit some friends when I want and I can also get to the local mall and buy my own stuff without having to ask someone to get things for me. Its easy to transfer from my lightweight wheelchair to the mobility scooter and I can do it by myself. This is a little piece of freedom that is so important to me.

It's a Big Deal

Sure, most people won't see the importance here, but when you don't have the capability of just walking out the front door when the mood takes you, it is a pretty big deal. There are plenty places to go visit on a sunny day, like simple things I enjoy such as going to the local park and parking up to watch the ducks swim in the small lake, or just taking in the smell of fresh cut grass.

In some ways, I feel sorry for folks who spend their lives rushing about here and there without ever having time to stop and take in what I can.

It Has Its Advantages

So you see there are some advantages to having to take life at a slower pace whether it is enforced by physical limitations or not. You only get to realize this when you do slow down and take a look at everyone else flying past without giving you or much of anything else for that matter a second look.

That's a shame, because there is so much to life that is there for enjoying and if you're too busy to see it, then you're missing out on a big part of what you were put on this planet in your perfect bodies to see and to experience.

Of course, not all of my life is taken at such a slow pace. At least not the part when I get on my scooter and crank the throttle all the way to the end stop...