Outdoor Stair Lifts for Disabled Explained

People who have difficulty getting around their gardens or outside spaces on different levels can read this and learn about outdoor stair lifts and how they can help.

Where most people can picture in their minds an image of a home stair lift installed on an indoor flight of stairs, a stairlift fitted to an outdoor flight of stairs is less often thought about. That doesn't mean they are no less important as a means of getting up and down stairs that happen to be outside of the house, for instance on a patio or raised deck, or even a few steps leading up to a front door that is elevated above the level of the sidewalk.

In fact, for a person with disabilities that may have limited mobility, suffering from an illness or injury that prevents them climbing stairs, the addition of a stair lift specially adapted for external use where there may be a steep incline or stepping risers can make a big difference to their quality of life. It is the additional freedom of movement in and around a person's property that makes this difference.

This article looks at this wonderful invention and goes on to explain just what these amazing personal transportation devices are, where and how they are used for the most benefit of the people that need them.

What Are Outdoor Stair Lifts?

outdoor stair liftThese types of mobility providing devices are very similar to those you would find indoors on a residential flight of stairs. The main difference is that with the exterior version, there is a greater level of weather proofing in most models and also some means of protecting the chair or platform and its drive assembly from the worst weather.

Just like their interior installed counterparts, the typical stair chairs made for the outside are comfortable with padded seat, back and armrests and are mounted atop the motor and drive assembly, which consists of an electric motor that moves the assembly along a fixed rail. The rail is generally anchored to one extreme side of the step risers so as to be as much out of the way for other people who are able to walk up and down the steps to use them.

The chair is operated by using a simple lever mounted on one of the armrests with positions for "up", down" and "stop". The user simply sits on the chair and uses the lever to either go up or down the stairs and the stairlift does the rest in safety and comfort.

Where Are They Found?

You'll generally find an outdoor stair lift installed on exterior stairs. Some examples of the places you may see them are as follows:

These are just some examples and there are many more instances where outdoor stair lifts would be a convenient installation. The positioning is important to make the best use of the space available while not being obstructive for able bodied people to use the stairs or steps.

For anyone who has limited mobility, the installation of an outside stair lift on exterior stairs is a great idea for allowing them to access the parts of their property that they may otherwise be restricted from using.