A Slower Lifestyle

One of the things that I mentioned in a previous article was the fact that because of my own personal physical limitations, I have to take life at a slower pace than most folks. This is not something that I see as a limitation on my lifestyle. In fact it is something that I see as a positive benefit that many people actually miss out on altogether.

Getting Out and About

Apart from the times when I go whizzing off down the sidewalk at a sometimes crazy velocity on my motorized scooter just to get some excitement into my day, I usually get to where I'm going and then stop to take some time to enjoy what it is I went there for. Like the local park, this is one of my greatest enjoyments that I have in my day.

The changing seasons make it a really great place to visit at any time of the year, as long as it's not raining, of course. But we have plenty of sunny days so I get to visit there two or three times a week most of the time. In Fall, the amazing colors of the leaves on the trees just before they drop to the ground is a spectacle that I imagine all those fast paced people scurrying around don't even see.

People Watching

I also like to watch other people in the park, in addition to all the scurrying people. There are some folks that do take it slower, but most of those are elderly and have no further need of scurrying!

There are sometimes kids playing too and they are enjoying their time before they grow up and find themselves having to emulate their parents in their scurrying lives. But I sometimes really hope that those kids grow up with a different mindset to their time challenged parents.

Maybe they'll have a different view on taking life at the right pace and actually getting some enjoyment of their surroundings without being slaves to the clock on the wall of their offices.

Dreams are something that can be really explored by people like me who do take life slower. It's probably because we can see things from a vantage point that many do not have and it's from here that I can see a wonderful world with so much to enjoy. Yet so few people actually have the time to enjoy what is all around them. What a crazy way to live your life!