Stair Lift Rental

People with mobility issues who need to access the upper floors in their homes can read this and find out about stair lift rental as an economical solution.

If you are unable to get up and down your stairs for reasons of limited mobility, disability, illness or injury, having a home stair lift installed on your stairway is a blessing as it enables you to continue to get to the parts of your home that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. But one major drawback to this kind of installation is the overall cost, which can be a major setback if your budget is limited.

It could even be prohibitive, especially if you have only the barest minimum to live on as it is.

However, there is an alternative to purchasing outright a residential stair lift for your stairs and one that is much more affordable, especially in the short term and that is the option of renting. If you were not aware of this option, it is certainly possible to rent a stairlift for you home over a fixed term. This article looks at the benefits and drawbacks from renting a stair chair lift for your home.

The Benefits of Stairlift Rental

The major benefit of renting one of these devices is the ability to afford to have one installed in your home where you may not be able to afford to buy one. It is usually the initial cost that has to be paid for an outright purchase that prevents many people from buying a chair lift for the home.

stair lift rentalWith a rental, there is no need to worry about finding such a large sum of money at the outset. The monthly charge for rent is often lower than a loan repayment (which is another option for buying for cash) especially if you intend keeping the stairlift for a short period of time.

Other benefits include the fact that maintenance and repairs will be carried out by the rental company at no extra cost to you, although you should make sure you get that in writing at the time of signing the rental agreement. It pays to read the small print on such an agreement in any case to make sure you get exactly what you are signing for and that you will not have any unexpected additional costs later on.

The Downside to Home Stair Lift Rental

The major downside to renting a stairlift for your home is the fact that you will never own it. In fact, if your intention is to have one installed in your home on a long term or permanent basis, the ongoing monthly hire charge will continue to need paying, month after month. If it is your intention to have one of these devices installed for the long term, then rental may not be the best choice in long term financial terms.

For the long term, if you are unable to afford the cash price of installing your own stair chair lift in your home, a more affordable option to deciding to rent would be to pay for it on finance terms. Obtaining a loan for this sort of equipment is generally not a problem and the cost can be spread out over several years to make the monthly repayments more affordable to your budget.

Another option would be to contact your local authority or even a charity for there may be grants available for people on a pension or disability living allowance that may provide a discount on the purchase price of this necessary equipment. This is also useful if you can meet some of the purchase price but not all of it.

In any case, having a stairlift fitted in your home, whether purchased or rented, will enrich your life by providing access to the upper floors of your living space safely and in comfort.