Stairway Lifts

People who have trouble climbing the stairs in their home can read this and learn more about stairway lifts and how they can transform their lives.

stairway liftA flight of stairs is not usually a problem for people to climb or walk down but if you suffer from limited mobility, are a person with physical disabilities, have a debilitating illness or are suffering from injury, then that same flight of stairs takes on a whole new persona. In many cases it can prove to be so difficult, painful or downright impossible to climb the stairs that an entire section of your home becomes unavailable to you.

This is not a nice situation to be in. To require assistance to climb those stairs, for instance, if your bathroom is on the first floor of your home, can feel frustrating, embarrassing and uncomfortable.

A solution to this problem exists in the home stairway lifts that can be installed along the length of your stair case and enable you to ride in comfort and safety up and down the stairs unaided and with dignity.

What Are Stairway Lifts?

These are devices made especially for getting people up and down a staircase who can't do so on their own for a variety of reasons. The general principle is that a seat is carried up and down the flight of stairs along a rail that fixed to the stair risers or to the adjacent wall and powered by an electric motor.

A belt or chain pulls the seat along the rail and the entire unit is presented in a sealed unit that leaves clean lines and no unsightly mechanical moving parts visible or that can be gotten tangled up in by pets or small children.

The chair itself is generally mounted above the motor and has a seat that is well padded with padded back and armrests. The unit is controlled by a small lever mounted on one of the arm rests for convenience and ease of use and is simple in that generally it will have just three positions for up, down and stop.

Stairway lifts are safe and secure providing the have been installed by professional and certified installers who are generally designated by the manufacturer and this is also a stipulation to ensure the warranty is adhered to.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits to the user are many fold. One of these is in being able to access those parts of your home that were previously restricted or even inaccessible to you, namely the upper floors of your home.

The installation of a stairlift in your home could be particularly advantageous if your home is relatively small and there is only one bathroom that is situated on the first floor, as is often the case.

Similarly, if your bedroom is also on the first floor, it is convenient to be able to go to sleep there knowing that you don't have to rely on someone else to help you to get up the stairs to get there and then get down again in the morning. Having this small but significant slice of freedom alone is worth its weight in gold.

Another benefit of having a stair chair lift installed in your home is the assurance it gives you in knowing that if you need to go upstairs for anything, you can do so when you choose. And again, you do not have to rely on someone else to help you or to run up there to get what it is you want from there for you.

A home stair lift is a means to free yourself from the reliance on helpers to access your home's upper floor or floors while providing peace of mind for family and loved ones that you are independent in your own home and not at risk from falling on stairs trying to climb them when it is very difficult of could be dangerous for you to do.

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