A Wheelchair Accessible RV for Your Vacation

The numbers of people who take a vacation in an RV to enjoy the freedom of the open road is quite staggering when you think about it. After all, what could be better than getting away from the humdrum of day to day life in your own mobile motorhome that you can drive to just about anywhere in the country that you want, if you have the time of course.

That's a great idea for able bodied folks, but what about those confined to a wheelchair or with special needs?

Well, a physical disability need not bar anyone from having an RV vacation if they want. That's because there are specially adapted and customized handicapped RVs available for rent or for sale that are fully wheelchair accessible and available to anyone who wants to take a vacation in an RV.

You can enjoy the freedom of taking yourself off to wherever you decide and stop over wherever you want without having to hunt around for a motel. You can decide to plan a route to include camp sites and places that cater for campers, or get back to nature and go the totally free route and take it as it comes!

In fact, there are several really attractive benefits to taking a fully equipped and customized motorhome out onto the open road to get the most from the great outdoors and have a holiday of a lifetime!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Fully Equipped RV

The benefits of enjoying this kind of freedom are many. This is especially the case if you like the idea of getting away but not being restricted on where you can go by a vacation company or by the availability of rooms in hotels or motels along the way.

wheelchair accessible rvYou can literally park up anywhere that's safe enough to do so and get a good night's sleep in the safety and comfort of a fully equipped, custom mobile "home away from home".

The specially adapted RVs have all the necessary refinements to make it easy for a person with disabilities to use. They come with a wheelchair lift for getting in and out, wider than usual aisles so that you can get a wheelchair along them without scraping your knuckles and wider access to the back bedroom.

On top of that, there is a bathroom area with all the necessary grip rails and supports every bit as functional as a regular handicap bathroom. They sure beat trying to get in and out of a motel room with a narrow door and having to put up with struggling to use only regular bathroom facilities!

Climate Controlled Motorhome

Another great thing about most high grade RVs is that they have a really good interior climate control system installed. This is a really important feature that a lot of the time gets taken for granted and rarely even given a second thought. But it should do.

It means if you're going someplace that's going to be cold at night, the system will keep you cozy and warm in your bed. If you're visiting a place that is really hot, you will stay nice and cool thanks to the air conditioner aspect of the system.

These things should not be taken for granted. They should be gratefully accepted as an integral part of the necessities that a person has when getting away from the safety and convenience of the city or town and venturing into the great outdoors!

Getting away from home for a on-the-road vacation in a customized RV for people with disabilities is a great idea and one that many people are taking advantage of right now. You can join them by checking out the yellow pages or Google to find your nearest local RV dealership or rental that has a handicap adapted vehicle for use.