This page formerly covered the non-profit status of the original site with information to help you get started on the road to nonprofit/tax exempt status. A list of steps that need to be taken were given as well as additional resource materials.

However, this is no longer relevant to the site in its new incarnation, so in its place we will be providing more information on health related issues and provide their status as they stand at the present time.

Health and Fitness

So this section of the site is concerned about improving your overall level of health and increasing fitness levels by promoting better exercise awareness and better diet. The articles published in here will cover many related subjects including weight maintenance and control, fitness equipment, exercise clothing and accessories and anything else that comes under the huge umbrella of general healthiness.

A person's health is one of their most important assets as it determines the state of their life from many different aspects. When a person is in good health, they are free to do almost anything they want to do with their lives.

They stand a much better chance of living a long and fulfilled life that is filled with happiness, enjoyment and excitement. In short, the life everyone deserves to have.

Lack of Healthfulness

However, when a person is in ill health, their quality of life suffers detrimentally and they are restricted in the things they can do. They stand a greater chance of having their life cut short through illness or certain related disease or debilitation and that life is often filled with sadness, anger, frustration and bitterness. In short, a life lacking in healthfulness is one that no one really deep down inside desires.

So it stands to reason that striving for a healthy way of life should be that which everyone should want and desire. Even so, far too many people get into a rut and do nothing to get out of it, with the result that their health suffers, they gain weight through leading a sedentary lifestyle, with the knock on effect that lethargy and depression follow on.

Do It for You

This is not necessary and there are ways to stop this happening but the person has to want to do something about it for themselves. It's no good going to a doctor hoping for a magic pill to make everything right.

It doesn't exist. The only way is to make the personal decision to improve their own health and fitness levels by starting to do some daily exercises, by improving their diet and taking on a positive mental attitude.

Moving Into Fitness

A major part of moving into fitness and improving your overall health is to get some form of daily exercise routine into your life. It doesn't have to be anything overly strenuous, at least not to begin with.

But it does have to be regular and make you exert yourself sufficiently to raise your breathing level, heart rate and get you breaking out into a sweat and you have to do it for long enough for it to be effective.

So if you think that a quick 10 minute jog on a treadmill is enough, you are mistaken. While it is certainly better than nothing at all, a mere 10 minutes worth of movement will not really tax your muscles sufficiently to get them burning any of your body's store of fat, meaning it will not lead to any weight loss.

Burning Excess Fat

To cause fat to be burned and weight loss to occur, you need to keep up a moderate level of exercise for more than 20 minutes, because this is the length of time it takes for the exertion your muscles are undergoing to cause them to deplete your blood sugar levels enough to force your body to provide more. This is gets from your fat store.

So keeping up your elevated rate of work for a good half hour or so will be far more beneficial to you. It does not have to be particularly strenuous, just work hard enough to get you seating and your heart rate up and then maintain that level for a good half hour or more.

Then you will begin to see benefits in the reduction of body fat over time.

This is not a quick way to get slim by any means. To speed up the process somewhat, you should always combine this form of exercise with a healthy diet that is low in high GI carbohydrates and high in protein. Otherwise, simply going at your own pace will bring the same benefits, just a lot slower.

Using Diet to Boost Health

There are many types of diets that are available to help you in your plan to improve your health. So you really need to sit down and take a good look at all the alternatives before deciding what is right for you.

The main thing to realize about diets and healthfulness in general is that people are different in different ways. That means any particular diet may work really well for one person and not for another. On the other hand, a certain combination of diet and exercises will help one person to lose weight and improve fitness rapidly, while the same combination will only make another lose weight and get fit slowly.

One of the best things you can do is seek professional advice from a qualified nutritionist. This is a person who can get inside you and provide you with a better understanding of you and what your personal needs are with regards to nutrition, health and diet.

Information Brings Motivation

When you have this information to hand, you can tailor a diet to suit you and be very specific about what you can include and what you must omit from it. Getting your diet right for you is tantamount to success in improving your physical appearance and fitness and improving your overall health level.

Researching several popular diets is also useful as it gives you something to compare your own needs against with regard to what the industry sees as working for a large group of people as possible. When you know what the alternatives are and what other people are trying, you can modify them to better suit yourself.

Be Informed and Be Wise

It also helps to be fully informed about any particular diet. It is certain that most people understand why a particular diet makes sense for them and why perhaps another does not.

That goes for any of the many convenient diet company plans that are out there. While understanding more about yourself personally will really help you to customize your own diet to suit yourself and your way of life.

With all the options available for getting health through what you eat, you might wonder how anyone ever fails to lose any weight or become healthier. The problems are usually lack of understanding or information about a certain diet and when tried, it is found to be unsuitable.

This can be avoided simply by being prepared with knowledge and understanding before you commit to any dieting program that you have high hopes for. There is much to be learned in human physical health and here is a good place to start.

Therefore the articles you'll find published in this section go into all these aspects of life. They build into a useful and informative repository of motivational knowledge, advice and instruction that can help anyone who wants to help themselves to get fitter and improve their level of health naturally.